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Hello, we are happy to announce that we are building a new website!
you can still support the kids here . Nov, 2018


Cash donations for our general fund are always needed and greatly appreciated to launch projects. This fund allows us to purchase necessary products for specific jobs, and enables us to afford transportation and placement of project necessities. We also support a Student Sponsorship Program which allows a donor to personally sponsor a selected student by paying school fees, books and supplies, and uniforms for that student for one school year. This project has been very successful and very satisfying for both sponsor and child.

We are always in need of clothing, books, and household items for our annual bazaar, and to pass out in emergency situations. All donations are appreciated! More specific items needed are listed here:

For Schools:

  • Computers
  • Books, for all ages, in Spanish, English and Bilingual
  • Reference books, maps, math aids (Spanish, Bilingual)
  • Educational games (Spanish, English and Bilingual)
  • Spanish, English and Bilingual instruction books and materials, all levels
  • Sports, music, art, and band equipment
  • Lab supplies and equipment
  • First Aid Supplies
  • Student and office furniture, ceiling fans, storage units, fixtures
  • General office and school supplies
  • Kitchen and cleaning supplies
  • Tools for maintenance
  • Schools lack enough classrooms, teachers, furniture/fixtures, and money for materials or repairs.
  • Families and school lack funds to provide a balanced diet, first aid supplies, and books

For Medical and EMS:

  • Examination and resuscitation equipment and supplies
  • X-ray machines and supplies
  • Paramedic supplies, stretchers, wheel chairs, crutches, splints, bandages, meds, antiseptics
  • General and obstetric medicines
  • Training workshops and seminars for medical and emergency personnel
  • First Aid and hygiene training for children and adults
  • Medical clinics lack staff to maintain consistent hours, and need supplies and equipment.
  • Firefighters/EMTs lack basic training, protective equipment, manuals, pertinent gear, pump truck, ambulance and all equipment for vehicle maintenance.

Firemen and EMTs need basic training and safety equipment, vehicles for firefighting, and an ambulance for emergencies.

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